When YouTubers Will Shill For ANY Sponsorship... game vbhf games

When YouTubers Will Shill For ANY Sponsorship...

YouTubers (including myself) will often have sponsorship deals with various companies. Sponsorship deals as a whole are not a problem, but when Youtubers (knowingly) accept deals from questionable companies or corporations, it damages the reputation of every content creator on the website. Creators with massive followings such as Adam Saleh should know better than to accept sponsorship deals from companies such as EduBirdie. EduBirdie is a company that will write your essay or term papers for you allowing you to cheat. It's kind of obvious that accepting a sponsorship deal with a company based on cheating would be a bad idea. Subscribe To ReviewTechUSA for more great content!Support ReviewTechUSA on Patreon for just $1 a month:Me On Facebook:me on Instagram:the official ReviewTechUSA Discord server:cited in this video:


Your fucking sense of humor is going to make me laugh to death holy shit.

Branden McFadden

If Kawhii shuts down an INJURED PLAYER MAX WTF🤦🏽‍♂️

Mob Mob


neki0 playz

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How do you find this stuff?

Michael Livingston

Where is the dog now (2018)

Silvia Ducoli

Gurl, where's your dignity?

Im Vigo

1:40 BO2 Remastered?

Charlie’s words of Diamonds Charlie



a blind person would understand this just as much as we do

fadedextension 77

You should do Murphysboro, IL everything is few and far between there and it would be quite the challenge.


Fantastisk 😎😎😎

..,“: : : : : :|: : : : : :\::::::|: : : : : : \: : : : : : “~',:\::::::|\,

Ewan Morrison

Just keep doing what your doing mate

SoccerGaming Minecraft

This should be called the art of diving

Assasin J

Hunting rifle was better this game is not good like season 2-4

gacha bff BFF

I been waiting for sooooo long time for this

Viet Editor Community

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saad abouzahir

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Charlie Stopgate

#10 is a cheat code not a easter egg just saying (y)