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Why Watch Dogs' World Doesn't Feel Real - The Point

Why is it that some game worlds feel like real places, while others just feel like digital playgrounds? Danny investigates the difference between Watch Dogs' Chicago, and places like Skyrim & Los Santos.Watch more of The Point!Watch Dogs at GameSpot.com!Site - out our review!Watch - - all of our channels:Features & Reviews - & Guides - - NASL & eSports - Gaming -- - Live -

Irene Yeoh

My mum said I just keep on thinking all the waste thoughts and it doesn't help anything. I told my friends and all of them also said that and told me to stop worrying. Sometimes I ended up questioning whether I have anxiety or not. I tried not to worry many times, but it isn't as easy as others think. So if I had already suffering for almost two years, questioning about my mental illness and can't sleep for hours worrying about things at night, am I really suffering anxiety? I am so scared that one day I can't even believe in myself and decided to commit suicide. I had been bullied by my monitor nowadays, this reminds me of my bully case when I had experienced during primary school. All the presentations, exams and relationships cause me to think too much and I can't sleep. I wanted to study for exams and have good grades but I just can't , nowadays I am like no feelings at all, all of my smiles are fake and I can't even concentrate. I really hoped that I will escape as I almost fail everything in my life because of my lost of concentration. I am so lost. I don't even know if I have anxiety or not... Can someone help me ?

Never Go Full Retard


BROLY 500!

So proud of Craig, from underground members only to making music with huge artists :)

People: cool, how though?

Hamid Niaz


Apparently all of the 3 bosses from Black Ops 1 appear in Black Ops 3 (easter egg) I don't know if anymore of the characters from black ops 1 or 2 appear in Black Ops 3 except for Raul Menendez.


Please do alan wake :)

bonnie the bunnie

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Pedro Quiñones

Buenísima llega directo al higado

Faith Hailey

this hits too close to home lmao

Boo Boo

2019 anyone

Eli and Chuck E Cheese Playtime

Wow! that was intense! can't wait for this game!


Whats that slav / russian song called?

Noob Tv 1273


Gacha Friez YT

Who’s watching dis in 2019 81 mil views btw

Tupac Shakur-NL


Riley Banks


Rilee Harrison

Wow a B I shouldn’t criticize because you were raised different so unless it concerns your health please don’t be so desperate about a B, but I understand in a way. No hate, it just kinda agenda me a bit.

Iwantmuffins21 #

Bruh Maxine did X men not wakanda forever

Ορέστης Boϊτσίδης

It's sad that this is their least viewed video....


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Stefan _ANDREI_ZV1

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Roberto Rodriguez

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Welp, you got that older sister?

Bladimir Rosales

Se creeeeen muy chooooi quien nolo puedeaser

Lauri Rahkonen

In Gta IV a crackhead talks about a movie where one cowboy is being chased by a rock

hire actors to promote a game

Xx_Rossetta_xX Gacha

No ones bringing up that the girl what almost killed her said “I know what’s best for you”

Labeeb Ausaf

i love ur vids never stop!

Syaz Lorenzo

Who is the panda??

the gamer Alaby

thats ungood.

Nilesh Dungdung

We want part 2!!

Charlie Bolland

You spoke :D you didn't sound like I thought you would but I hope you commentate over some of your videos in the future.

Kristen Carman

My favorite dp video

Natalia RIvero

I think it should be tallseis

Mason Sadler

Tb to when Tyler was fat


no no please don’t make mac and cheese crispy it’s the one thing that makes life worth it please don’t start this

Michael Sandoval

guru you dont really have to say "well known arcade game, pacman." we dont live under a rock lol

Youtube: cOmMeRcIaL bReAk!

Kylan T

To much trickshots I almost fell asleep 💤

Lelouch Ledouche

damn the creator is in the game that shit is awesome 

єчєвrσwѕ σn flєєk

0:41 is that a moana reference it looks like the ocean from moana

Home KOME Gon

Woi bAcot


anyone knows the name of the song in the second part of the video? it's very relaxing

ZombieGod 011

eddie is Edward richtofen and fluffy is the hell hounds because in black ops one of the direct statement in the moon easter egg references o dog (hell hound) named fluffy mind blow right there!


I don't get #3


Pixer Easter eggs are the best

Jake Driver

In England axe is actually called lynx

Humphrey Wolf

0:35 he looks like Tadashi from Big Hero 6


Ugh fine I'll save up for a switch...

Like my comment if you guys agree ps I made my theory’s from things we see in the clip (the masks) and by adding Deadpool’s also dare devils backgrounds into a theory

xoxoT O T O R O

Is this real? No what idk no what the heck whatttt

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4:08 Ty’s F-bomb

Jim zh

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Vishrut shah


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If I gave my phone back to my mom: (my mom) lol wtf is this

games and more games

He said im gonna toe poke it but its called toe punch