Women Learn Surprising Facts About Styling Hair While Using Hot Tools game phalaborwa games

Women Learn Surprising Facts About Styling Hair While Using Hot Tools

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Patricia Jack

anyone 2018 ??

I Have Asthma Too.. but i don't Smoke.. >.<

Kpop plus Yaoi

Is it just me or does Niomi look like Tessa Thompson?

Brady Maynard

Where is jump street

Justin Santiago

I'm good with whatever you post Guru! Keep doing what your doing!

Phan Quoc Khanh

cam an vi da noi tieng viet

MiguelJ 0727

Guys..... The legend Gabe the Dog died..

DapitenOSoChurroSarge Channel Ese!

do a basketball shot from the top of the rio statue down! lol

Clash Kid

I know who panda is

Nicholas James

It's crazy to me that a song like this trends. I think it's actually a pretty good song, but the subject matter is very much adult. Yet, it's promoted by Youtube. Meanwhile, other creators putting out content that is getting millions and millions of views are never feature, why? Their content is often tame compared to this, it just opinions that youtube doesn't agree with or want to push. Further corporitization of Youtube's content making it no better then your average cable lineup. It's bullshit honestly.

Oh yeah and I’m all those things



Grandma kisses

Chicago Dog



please spay and neuter the kitties and their mom

Pig Pip

174 dislikes are from the mother using people and threatening them or she will CaLL tHE PoLiCE

The kids Club

my favorite song is the last one

markman manmark


Game-o-matic 12

How do you get the mission?


I absolutely love this, it’s so corny it’s perfect

Isabella Smith



Why is fat not beautiful I think fat is great there is more of you to love

Steve Spears

Sometimes the spirit tell you what to do;love that response from a Christian man;




I’m wondering how many dents are in their walls

miss Dorai

It's already #2 trending here in Philippines 😊

Bill gates

I unsubed a long time ago and I come back to see he's still not making good content. Lol only kids watch this trash. FaZe fell off