Xbox is fighting Google, not PlayStation qvc game of thrones wine games

Xbox is fighting Google, not PlayStation

At E3 2013, Microsoft tripped over its shoelaces as it tried to justify the unexpectedly high price and complex ecosystem of its upcoming console, the Xbox One. It required an internet connection and locked purchases to specific accounts, disrupting established resale and game-sharing processes. On top of that, executives were repeatedly dismissive of fans' concerns. When Phil Spencer, then the head of Microsoft Studios, announced a $500 price tag for the Xbox One, the E3 audience gasped and fell silent.Hours later, Sony took the stage. Executives presented their new console, the PlayStation 4, as the balm to Xbox's burn. It didn't need an internet connection to function, used games would play just fine, and titles wouldn't be tied to online accounts, making sharing easy with physical discs. PlayStation boss Jack Tretton announced the PS4's price of $400 and cheers exploded throughout the stadium.Read more: to Engadget on YouTube: Buyer's Guide: More Engadget: • Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Read more: is the original home for technology news and reviews.

Kari Hedrick

Wait kids with glasses? I had glasses when I was kid but still went to a normal school


love you video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IAmShady_HD HD

PE does stand for physical education though, this is just a joke dont take it to far XD

Catalin Besliu

Suddenly I hate the Death Note anime


I got this On repeat , this is the best r&b song in 2019

Ben Birkwood

8:08 it sounds like a lightsaber

Pokemon/Parkour Studio

5:43 who is that?


I hate all the teams but team ty go ty

Plasma Sabertooth

Hey dude perfect what about a trampoline park stereotypes


As soon as i heard fortnite i stopped watching

Nurin Alya

trending #8 in malaysia !❤️

Erik McMahon

film with guy fieri

Connman 8d


Honor Hewitt

wows deep


Sportsallstars _

Philadelphia Phillies

Michael Perez


Nathan and Chickens

I wonder what giant baseball looks like

Santiago Castro

1 like = 5 slaps at rebecca and Alis(story)


You missed the old bitch that sticks out her tongue in the movie The Constant Gardener during one of the scenes where he's walking in (from what I remember) New York City's streets.


Hey dare you throw Wollie on the ground!

Nick Mele

is the game out?

christian weakland

the guy at 0:44 knows he's gonna die lol.

FrostBite `

Great another song gon be stuck in my head for 7 years



Maryke Naude



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Michael The Magnificiant

Awesome! I wish I could do this!

My advice:don't you ever mess with russian girls they can fight back haha


6:32 Umm....what is she doing...??

Jolley Sports Kids

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Liam Fast

bro just resp

Adrian Sovré

I'm an introvert and it's nice sometimes and sometimes not so good

Julian Hensiek

Fight nature or help it...

Nemui Desu

great vid !!!

Andrew Smith

My name is Andrew Smith and I'm a huge fan of your guys trick shot videos and I think you guys should do trick shot video with the costars of Just Add Magic. Olivia Sanabia, Aubrey Miller and Abby Donnelly

Monnut GT

Minute videos?

Potato gal

Where's dantdm?!?

Angelina Weird

I like boys and girls and U told my brother that and then he stoped talking to me then he said your just 10 years old you can’t so I have to say I like boys but I still like boys and girls

adriel loh

No because both sides know that will destroy humanity in nuclear warfare

Witold Kurowski

This story is very inspiring!!